About Us

Play: It can mean a ton of different things. To put it simply, play is engaging in an activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose. You don’t have to be active to be playing, you just have to be having fun. Play can mean playing video games with friends, playing outside with friends, having a girl’s night out, or even going to the movies or the spa.

We at PlayingSpree take play very seriously (Well, serious enough). Through our archive and constantly growing selection of reviews and guides for games, social events, or outdoor activities, we do everything we can to make play our work, so it can stay fun for you.

How did PlayingSpree Come About?

PlayingSpree was created in November 2017 by Jordan, who, on a trip to Disneyland looked around at the crowds of people and noticed something was wrong: these people were at the happiest place on Earth, and they weren’t having fun! In that moment, he discovered that fun doesn’t require a great location or spending a lot of money; just a dedication to the idea of play. How can we maximize the play in our lives? With the right tools of course!

That’s when Jordan, a self-professed PC gamer and father, set out on a mission to bring his skills in finding the best quality play to the public, and PlayingSpree was born. His idea is simple: fun can be had and play can be done anywhere, by anyone, as long as they have the will and do a little bit of planning first.

What does PlayingSpree offer their readers?

PlayingSpree is your one stop-shop for tip-top, detail-inclusive reviews of all things recreational: whether that be indoors, outdoors, mobile, stationary, alone, in a group, or anywhere else you can think of. Reviews are all written by Jordan and his girlfriend, Macey, who scour the internet looking for products, ideas, and activities that maximize play in their own lives, and that they believe can truly bring a little extra joy to yours.

Are you, for instance, an aspiring professional video gamer? Well, if so, Playingspree offers reviews on everything from the newest hot games in any genre to the best gaming mouse, to ensure that once you settle down to play, you can stay worry free and in the zone.

Have kids? Having trouble trying them to get them outdoors and not cramped in the house watching television? Playingspree to the rescue! Maybe you need a bouncy house or a trampoline. Check out our selection of bouncy houses, trampolines, or laser tag sets. Problem solved. -wink wink-

Don’t have kids? (Or maybe you do but want to let loose a bit)
For those of you looking to throw a little party, they have lists of games you and your friends can enjoy. From drinking games to board games, PlayingSpree is here to make sure there’s never a dull moment.

Still don’t believe us? Just browse around. 20 minutes on the site and you’ll find your head chock full of ideas to crank up your diversion level at your next party, or at least on your next lazy Sunday afternoon. Now tell me that doesn’t put a smile on your face.