Best Party Games for Adult Game Night

Thankfully, we live in a time where adults can be just as silly as kids because there are finally games geared towards adults that aren’t just boring trivia games. Below are some of the best party games made for adults, and I’m talking about only the best of the best, which inevitably means there is going to be a lot of NSFW themes, gags, and jokes, perfect for any game night!


Best Board Games for Adults

1. Drink-a-Palooza – Most Popular Adult Board Game

This one of a kind drinking board game is sure to be a favorite at any game night. Drink-a-Palooza is for 2 to 12 players, which makes it good for any size game night. It combines a bunch of different drinking games like beer pong and flip cup, into a single board game and comes with everything you need to play- minus the alcohol of course.

The rules are easy to understand and follow, which is a huge plus when there is so much going on in a single game. The first person to fill their six pack with beer bottles is the winner.

2. Draw What?!

This raunchy board game is reminiscent of Pictionary, but way more hilarious. Players split into teams and take turns drawing and acting out different things for their team players to guess. The first team to make it to the finish line on the game board wins.

Some of the whacky and ridiculous things you’ll find yourself acting out include “wet dream”, and “booty call”. There are even a few blank cards for you and your friends to come up with some wild phrases of your own, the only limit in this game is your imagination. So, if you’re in the market for an unforgettable, laughter-filled game night, Draw What?! Is exactly what you need, just don’t play with anyone who is easily offended.

3. Gigamic Quoridor

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This board game is less about alcohol and wild antics, and more about strategy. In fact, it is all about strategy. It is a basic concept in which you have to get your pawn to the other side of the board by strategically moving and placing walls to confuse your opponent.

Gigamic Quoridor has won several different awards and can be enjoyed for hours on end, even though a single game only takes about 20 minutes. There is, of course, a learning curve when you play for the first time, but since there are no pointless or confusing rules, it is not hard to pick up on.

4. Pandemic

Last up in our board game section is Pandemic. This is another strategy board game in which four deadly diseases have simultaneously broken out, and the players must work to find cures for each disease before it is too late. The board is set up as a world map that the players can travel around, treating people and researching cures.

Before you even start playing be sure to read the instructions because I did not thoroughly explain how to play the game. Thankfully, the instructions are easy to understand, so you should get the hang of it pretty quick. Pandemic is designed for 2 to 4 players, making it good for couples or small game nights.

Best Card Games for Adults

1. Cards Against Humanity – Most Popular Adult Card Game

You would’ve had to be living under a rock to not hear about Cards Against Humanity before reading this. The insanely popular card game set off a firestorm of companies creating other card games for adults, but we’re focusing on this one for now. Bringing Cards Against Humanity to your next game night is a surefire way to erupt into laughter almost every round.

The entire point of the game is to pick the funniest response to the black card laid out, so if you aren’t laughing, you might be playing wrong. Some of the crude and ridiculous black cards you’ll come across include “a sad handjob”, “a Super Soaker full of cat pee”, “Lance Armstrong’s missing testicle” and hundreds of other entertaining, dirty, and downright gross cards.

2. What do you meme?

This unique game brings memes into the real world. Each round, a photo card featuring a popular meme is laid down, and each player chooses the best caption for that meme from the cards in their hand. Don’t be surprised at how fast your game night may divulge into meme chaos and hilarious name-calling.

Not that this game is hard or anything, it just has a tendency to rile people up, especially when they feel passionate about the caption they chose. Once you start giving people cards with hilariously offensive captions on them, it’s hard to expect everyone to remain civil. Best of all though, this game can be played by up to 20 people, and can go on for as long or as short as you’d like.

3. Joking Hazard

This incredibly well-received game had humble beginnings as a Kickstarter campaign, but ended up raising a whopping $3.246 million! Anyone who has spent any time on the internet is probably familiar with the popular Cyanide and Happiness comic strips.

In this game, players choose a card from their hand to make the third panel in a randomly created comic. Whoever’s card the judge picks, wins the round. It is similar to some of the other card games, but is uniquely different and entertaining as hell. And with 10 blank cards for you to fill in on your own, you can kick it up a notch. This game is definitely not meant for kids though, so save it for game night with the adults.

4. Disturbed Friends

This game may put your friendships to the test when you discover how disturbed some of your friends are, but it’s all in good fun and will keep you in stitches the entire time. It also gives you a chance to catch a glimpse of what they really think of you.

Each round, one player picks up a multiple choice question card and reads it out loud, no big deal, right? Right, except the questions vary from strange sexual scenarios, to unethical debates, and flat-out twisted queries. The other players then predict how the person would answer the question, and whoever gets it right receives a NSFW-ish #WINNING cartoon card.

5. Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition

If you love kittens and explosions, you’re going to love this game. Unless, for some reason you don’t like the idea of kittens exploding, if that’s the case, be warned, there are lots of exploding kittens in this game.

This highly anticipated card game was the most backed project in Kickstarter history, and it has lived up to the hype. Exploding Kittens is a fast-paced, strategy based card game in which 2 to 5 players draw cards, and hope they don’t get the exploding kitten, or else its game over. Unless, of course, you have something to defuse the bomb with, like a laser. This game is not necessarily dirty like the other NSFW games, but the illustrations on the cards are what makes them too terrible for the workplace. There are also expansion packs available, using one expansion pack, up to 9 people can play.

6. The Voting Game

The Voting Game allows you to learn all sorts of new things about your friends, which sounds nice, but hilarity will no doubt ensue. Each round, a question card is pulled and read aloud, then all the players vote for the player that best answers the question.

Some examples of questions in the deck include: “Who will be the hardest to recognize in 10 years?” or “Who is a member of the mile high club?” and blank cards for you to fill in your own probing questions. There are a number of expansion packs available, including a NSFW one, so the fun never has to end. And instead of getting bored playing the same game over and over, this game keeps it fresh with 5 different ways to play.

7. Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Drunk Stoned or Stupid is tons of fun, but not for the easily offended. Each round, a player draws a card, which will have an action listed on it, like “always tells the same damn story”, or “watches “Planet Earth” for 5 hours”. The player who drew the card then decides which player is most likely to do whatever is on the card.

Players can debate with and persuade the judge, using any means necessary, including embarrassing stories about other players, but it’s ultimately up to the judge. This game ultimately pits friends against each other and if you don’t have thick skin or can’t take a joke, you might want to sit this game out because you basically just make fun of each other the whole game, it’s great.

8. Telestrations

Telestrations After Dark is the adult version of the classic speed drawing game we used to love. Although Telestrations may not have made the cut for game night, Telestrations After Dark definitely did. Each player takes a notepad, draws a card, and picks one of the phrases to draw, based on a die roll.

With comical, bizarre, awkward, and straight up freaky phrases to draw, it only gets better the more you pass it around the circle for guessing. By the time it gets back to you, odds are it won’t even be close to what you began with, but that’s what makes this game so fun, like the old telephone game kids play on the playground.

9. Loaded Kings – Popular Drinking Game

If you’re looking to break the ice, or just get everybody hammered, Loaded Kings is the way to do it. The large, easy to read cards are waterproof, so spillage is no longer a problem, and they tell you exactly what to do, so you don’t even have to remember any rules.

However, if you’d rather make up your own rules you can always do that too. Before you know it, everyone will loosen up and the party will be much more enjoyable. This simple game is also super affordable and can provide you with endless hours of fun- responsibly, of course.

10. Under the Influence

Our last card game is the epitome of card drinking games and has been dubbed the “wildest adult drinking party game ever”. Instead of just one boring deck, or even just two, this game has 4 decks of cards, which means four ways to get drunk.

Anytime you don’t do what the card says, whether it be a question, challenge, or dare, you have to take a shot. It doesn’t sound too bad, but you haven’t seen what those cards have in store. Before long you’ve got a group of friends cracking up and having a great time at the expense of each other, all thanks to some cards and booze.

Other Games Worthy of Being Mentioned

Tipsy Tower

This game is loads of fun and only gets better the longer you play, because the tipsier you get. The game starts with the small wooden tower built and intact, and then players take turns pulling blocks out from the tower and putting them back on top without knocking the tower over.

That’s not all though, each block has a rule printed on it, and when you remove a block, you must follow whatever is printed on the side. For example, some may say “double drink”, which means next time you give or take a drink, the amount is doubled. Other rules include “shun” and “seven”, which you would use the box to determine what they mean.

Klask: The Magnetic Game of Skill

To round out our list, Klask: The Magnetic Game of Skill is a Swedish game in which two players use magnetic handles under the table to control their game pieces. The objective is to get the ball into the other person’s hole while avoiding letting the ball into your own hole, which will give your opponent a point, and avoid attracting the white magnets.

If two white magnets stick to your piece, the other player gets a point, the first player to 6 points wins. There are little tricks and techniques that you learn as you go, but it’s most entertaining at parties after a couple of drinks.

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