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There is a little child inside every one of us. Who always wants to come out and play, right? Sometimes, you just want to play without actually looking like the little child, right? If you don’t want to spend much on a bounce house, a laser tag sets is a great way to get playing! Like it is with video games. Kids love laser tag sets. If you are going to get them a set, you better get the best. It’s a splendid way to keep them busy, active and social. In the modern world, kids are getting drawn out of the social zones. Internet and video games have taken over the social space.


How does a laser tag set work?

The thought probably takes your mind straight into a cool place inside a sci-fi movie right? Well, you are not so far. But, laser in these does not burn and harm everything in its way. Or activate loud alarms. Playing with laser tags is like starring in your very own video games with your best mates. Nothing gets more fun than that.

The set comes with guns that have an inbuilt sensor. Batteries power them. There is an infrared beam that comes on when you aim with your gun. The plastic guns, generally shaped like a pistol or a handgun, are equipped with a trigger mechanism. Built into the blaster is a computer chip to keep scores and a beam generator. Most guns come with light and sound effects that notify you when you make or get a hit.

Engaging your kids with laser tag sets is a splendid and fun way to get them off that couch. Watching TV and browsing the internet all day is not healthy for growing kids. They are exciting toys for adults too. Before they were readily available, one had to go to an arena to play with laser tags. Have your mates get a set each and let the games begin. Weekends will not be the same. You will all probably want to get the best laser tags there are on the market.

Best Laser Tag Sets You’ll Find

Product Name 
#1 - Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTXView on Amazon
#2 - Dynasty Toys 4-Pack Laser Tag Set
(Most Popular)
View on Amazon
#3 - Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag Mega PackView on Amazon
#4 - LASER X Two Player Laser Gaming SetView on Amazon
#5 - Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag SetView on Amazon
$6 - Infrared Laser Tag Guns (Set of 2)View on Amazon
#7 - LAZER TAG Multiplayer SetView on Amazon
#8 - Dynasty Toys Capture the Flag Laser Tag SetView on Amazon
#9 - Infrared Laser Tag Guns and VestsView on Amazon
#10 - Extreme Infrared Laser Tag Game SetView on Amazon

#1 – Nerf Lazer Tag Phoenix LTX Tagger 2-Pack

  • Easy to use. It is pretty self-explanatory even for the young kids.
  • They are durable. These tag sets will last you and your family a long time.
  • You can increase your collection, and they remain compatible. Play with as many people as you would like. The bigger the party, the more fun shooting them down.
  • Use rechargeable batteries and get in great value for your money.
  • The AA batteries used are too many.

This utterly exciting laser tag set comes in a set of two. 12 AA batteries power them. It may seem like a lot of cells to deal, but worth it. The amount of fun locked in those little batteries is nothing compared to the quantity. The guns are super cool, with incredible light and sound effects.

They register thrilling vibrations when gaming.  You get to choose between solo and multiple players from a little switch on the side. Simply put, this laser tag set is pretty easy to use and figure out. It does come with a manual which you could pretty much manage even without. The button near your thumb is the load and reload button. You will get ten shots before recharging. The lights on your left represent your remaining “lives.” Your gun will become inactive when you get hit 10 or 25 times (you will choose when you begin gaming).

It has a feature that gives you a choice between outdoor and outdoor play. Set the guns to solo play mode. You may also set one gun to Team 1 and the other to Team 2. Press the trigger on both Blaster. The cue that they are active and ready to play will be “Good Luck,” said by both guns.

How do you know you have made or received a hit? The light on the dome will go on, and it will make a weird noise. Remember the LED light on these beauties is 1 Class, infrared.

#2 – Dynasty Toys 4-Pack Laser Tag Set and Carrying Case

  • One set supports four players and four firing modes to go with it. The different colors already have your teams laid out.
  • They are easy to use and reload.
  • The noise made when a hit comes lands on target is an adrenaline jerker.
  • You can have a team of whatever size you choose. Just get more blasters, and you are good to go.
  • Comes in a handy little case that you can store them in after play.
  • They are a bit too noisy, especially if you are playing in a quiet neighborhood. The noise could be a distraction.
  • They are relatively pricey.

Well packed in a handy carrying case, this laser tag set comes in a package of four different colored blasters. With the four blasters, there are four different team settings. You may play with one set on one team or have a solo player free for all game. The more blasters you have, the more people can play. There are no limits to your team formation with these babies.

The infrared light on the blasters is safe for every age set. Grandpa can play with all the grandkids. Everyone is well protected. You do not need to wear a vest when playing, just pick up the gun and play. To make a hit, aim directly for the other blaster. You will reload your blaster when you get hit nine times by tapping on the butt.

It’s interesting that each blaster comes with its strengths and different operations regarding hit range, damage and even reload time. Once you reload, the speakers will announce that you are ready to keep going. Not a dull moment with this laser tag set. They are best to play outdoors. They make some charged and obnoxious noises.

#3 – Kidzlane Infrared Laser Tag: Game Mega Pack

  • The gun shooting range is 130 feet, pretty incredible for outdoor gaming.
  • The infrared emission is less than 1mW, safe for children of all ages.
  • There are no limits to team formation. The bigger, the better. Just get more blasters.
  • They make beautiful gifts for the kids.
  • Besides their big size, they are also sturdy and easy to handle.
  • You cannot turn down the volume on the noise effects.
  • The small parts are hazardous and pose a choking threat.

These action-packed blasters will have you excited just by looking at them. They come in a colorful set of four blasters. You and your friends will have fun raging battles with the four ammo modes. Choose between pistol, shotgun and submachine gun and rocket. You are free to change the modes in between games.

The sounds that come from these blasters are phenomenal. They will have your games fully charged. You do not need to wear vests when gaming with this set. The guns are the targets. Aim for the other team’s blasters to make a hit. Hits come accompanied by thundering noises, vibrations, and flashy luminous lights.

Each blaster has got nine lives. Try to keep the fun going by preserving your lives as much as possible. If all your lives are gone, then you will switch off the gun and re-set it.  You may choose to play indoors or outdoors. They are super fun to play in dark rooms with the fancy flashy lights. 4 AA batteries per gun charge the blasters.  If you are looking for the best laser tag set to keep your kids preoccupied, then here you have it.

#4 – LASER X Two Player Laser Gaming Set

  • You can play them both in the daylight and in the dark. The effects remain the same.
  • They are compatible with all other Laser X guns.
  • Easy to operate and maintain. Just a little wipe down with a clean cloth and all is good.
  • Well packed, highly ideal for a gift item.
  • The voice coach feature and constant beeping sounds do not allow for a stealth game.

It is a rather basic but still fascinating set. It comes with two guns, one blue and one red. It also comes with two receiver vests. The light effects once you make a hit are incredible.  You may buy multiple sets and form bigger teams. There are no limits; all guns in this series are compatible. There is a voice coaching feature that gives you tips as you play. You may plug in your headphones and listen to the voice coach through them. The guns have eight lives and ten shots between reloads. If you get killed off, you have to turn off the gun and then turn it back on. 3 AA batteries charge them. Use the rechargeable ones to get in more value and playtime. The hit range is 200 feet. Amazing. You can choose to play outdoors or indoors.

#5 – Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set Gun Toy Blasters

  • This set accommodates multiple players. Just buy an extra laser tag set to get in more players.
  • They use only four AA batteries per gun.
  • The variety that comes with customizing the gun is incredible.
  • The gun keeps score of hits made and got.
  • Durable and hardened. Even if the kids drop them a few times, they will keep working.
  • Relatively easy on your pocket with good value for your money.
  • They go through the batteries rather fast.

This beautifully colored laser tag set of four guns is going to be the beginning of all things fun in your home. With four different ammunition modes to choose from, it only gets more exciting.  Choose between pistol, shotgun, submachine and missile launcher setting. When the war starts getting messy, you may change the mode in the course of the battle and reload.

he maximum strike distance is 131 feet, ideal for outdoors gaming. They are not limited to outdoor gaming; they work just as great indoors. You can customize your games with this blaster; decide if to play in a free for all battle, or in teams.  Customize the number of health points per player, the ammo per blaster. It is compliant with the ASTM-F963 safety standards. It is a certified class 1 laser toy product. Let the heart thumping games get raging with these reliable guns.

#6 – Set of 2 Infrared Laser Tag Guns

  • It is a certified class 1 laser toy. It meets the ASTM F963-16 safety standards.
  • It is Appealing to the eye. They are super cute with a beautiful and sturdy plastic body.
  • Easy to set up and even easier to use.
  • Are charged with only three batteries.
  • Are compatible with similar models so you can grow your teams to whatever size you desire.
  • They are a bit fragile.
  • The projectile beam goes off target sometimes.

This two-player laser tag set comes in four bold and exciting colors. White, Blue, Orange and green.  Each blaster gives nine lives to each player. It has three lights, and each represents three lives.  You may use these guns for play outdoors as the hit range is 131 feet (40 Meters). Quite an excellent way to unwind in the park with friends or family. To increase the size of your team, just add an extra set. They are compatible.

There are four firing modes to choose from, Pistol, shotgun, and submachine and rocket launcher mode. Every time you fire, make a hit or get hit the light and vibration effects alert you. If you are out of lives, reset them by pushing the handle base. You do not need a vest or any accessory to go with this set. The blasters are the targets, so aim for these and kill off your opponents’ lives to win the game.  Three AA batteries power them, quite economical.

#7 – LAZER TAG Multiplayer Battle System

  • With the video game module, you can practice your tagging skills to perfection.
  • Buy more tags to add on to your team. They are compatible with other models too.
  • Your hit damage is excellent, thanks to the shot blast feature. Take down as many enemies as you can at a go.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • The video game module is only compatible with CRT TV’s only.
  • It comes in a set of two. For more players, you have to purchase an extra set.

This unique laser tag set, sold in pairs, will have you habitually hooked to playing. It comes with a unique feature that allows you to hook up to the TV and play solo on video game mode. A laser tag does not get any more impressive than that. The guns, just like real guns, recoil with every shot. There is a ramble system to notify you when you make a hit or get hit.

The lights sounds and vibrations alert you when unique weapons mode is activated or just when registering shots. It comes with a shot blast attachment. It is utterly handy when hitting multiple enemies. This set does bring to life your fantasy of being in action-packed movies. It also comes with a pinpoint sight attachment. Now, this feature gives you a chance to perfect the sniper role. Line up your shots and get that accurate shot on your mortal laser- tag enemy.  6 AA batteries power each gun, so, 12 for both guns.

#8 – Dynasty Toys Capture the Flag Laser Tag Set

  • Well-built set. They are hard and sturdy.
  • The accessories give this laser tag set a unique edge.
  • Easy to use and install batteries. The kids will do that if you let them.
  • Well packaged.
  • Too many batteries needed.

The intensely thrilling stealth pack comes in a sturdy and handy package. It comes with two laser tag blasters, 2 Team flag cubes, and four base lights. The base lights are fancy, like the ones on top of a police car. When playing, the cubes change color when one gets hit. When changing up the teams, the cubes light up to show who controls the bases. The winning team is the one in control of the flag. The blasters are not only interchangeable but also compatible with other similar models. Get as many blasters as you wish and get playing in large teams. They are safety approved and conform to the code of federal regulations 21 cfr 1040. The non-visible infrared light is safe for all ages. To power this set, you will need 14 AA and 12 AAA batteries.

#9 – Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests

  • Well designed to give you a solid grip when playing.
  • The set will last you a long time even with a little manhandling from the kids.
  • The target vest gives a lifelike fun aspect to the game.
  • The guns and vests are wirelessly connected.
  • No volume control, they can get a bit too loud.
  • The vests are too big, and smaller kids may not fit in them.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, this will give you a fix. This multi-player set of four comes with four target vest. It has four ammo modes of choice. Pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and rocket. These will have you in combat for hours on end. The infrared emissions are safe for children of all ages (1mW). The shooting range is a fantastic 150 Feet, highly ideal for the outdoors.

In addition to invisibility mode, this laser tag set comes with a night vision flashlight and voice-guided direction from inbuilt speakers. The sounds and vibrations from this set will have you feeling like you are in a real shooting range. The invisibility mode allows you to turn off your location when playing. 3 AAA batteries each power they guns and vests.

#10 – Multiplayer Extreme Infrared Laser Tag Game Set

  • Easy to use, no complications in installing or resetting functions.
  • Safety approved and conforms to the ASTM- F963-13, it is a certified class 1 Laser product.
  • Very easy on your pocket, great value for your cash.
  • If you want to add another set, there will be no compatibility issues.
  • Too many batteries needed.

This set of four comes well packaged and makes for the perfect gift idea. With four ammo modes to choose from,  an exciting day at the battlefield is assured.  Choose between Pistol, shotgun, machine gun and rocket launcher. Best part, you can change your ammo mode midway through the game.

All you need to do is tap on the butt of the blaster. Form teams based on the colors. The guns come in green, white, blue and orange. You can get as many blasters as the team you want.  The strike distance for these bad guys is 132 feet. Choose to play indoors or outdoors.

You will not need vests for these. The blasters are the targets. Aim for your opponents’ blasters to make a hit. If you get eliminated, all you need to do is reset by the quick push of a button, and you are good to go. Install 3 AA batteries per gun and hit the battlefield.

Let’s Play Some Laser Tag!

Tag or be tagged is what laser tagging is all about. You can play at your team building events with your colleagues. For once you get a shot at your boss (promise it will feel great). You can play at parties with your family and friends. Get the kids laser tag sets to keep them active on their feet. If you do not want to incur buying expenses, make your way to an arena. You will pay and get the gadgets for a specific period. Being a couch potato never helped anyone.

All laser tags have a wireless target, either a vest or the blaster.  They also have a score recording system. It will tell you how many hits you have taken, how many shots you have remaining or when eliminated. Listen out for the vibrations alerts with every progressive move. The lights system will guide you, especially if you are playing a stealth game in the dark, the lights are everything.

What should you look at when you want to get the best laser tag set?


The beauty of this is that you can work on your budget against your needs. Variety in prices accompanies the array of the laser tag sets.


You do not want to buy a set that will break down after a weekend of use. Look for a product that is sturdy and of reputable quality.

Shooting range

If you are going to play outdoors, get a set with a high shooting range. If you get a set whose range is too close, your games may not be so much fun after all. If you are looking to play indoors, then your options are not limited. Most laser tag sets have a minimum range of about 130 Feet.

The infrared beams on the laser tag sets are entirely safe for children and people of all ages. They are safer than paintball. Ever get your thumb nicked by a paintball pellet? You might want to play laser tag much more after that. Laser tag over video games? Most definitely. Laser tagging is exciting, intuitive and heart pumping. Sitting down all day watching your screen is not that exhilarating.

That’s All Folks!

We hope this article helps in your search for the perfect laser tag set for you. If not, you may want to go over it again because all the information you need is all in there. Happy gaming to you.

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